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The vision of the LGBTI Youth Fund is that Switzerland is an inclusive society where all young people can freely define and express their gender identity and expression, as well as their romantic and sexual orientation, and have respectful and healthy relationships with each other. 

The LGBTI Youth Fund commits to promote sustainable changes for an inclusive, equitable and safe Swiss society that respects the rights and needs of LGBTIQ youth. Through our grant-making, we aim to support national, regional, and local initiatives responding to the specific needs of LGBTIQ youth and creating the conditions for change.


At the LGBTI Youth Fund, we strive to put LGBTIQ youth at the centre of our mission and strategy. We believe in their views; LGBTIQ youth are the experts of their own lives, they know the challenges they face, the needs and opportunities they have, based on their lived experiences. This is why we uphold specific values that guide how we work. 

We stand for:

  • diversity, equity and inclusion;

  • the rights of LGBTIQ youth, equality and non-discrimination.


We strive to:

  • listen to LGBTIQ youth, and create space for their leadership;

  • respect the dignity, views and experience of all;

  • ensure the safety and well-being of LGBTIQ youth and our partners;

  • build trust-based relationships with LGBTIQ youth and our partners.


The Steering Committee is responsible for the overall supervision of the LGBTI Youth Fund strategy, management of the Fund, review and approval of grants.

Brigette De Lay, Chair


Prevent Child Sexual Abuse Programme,
Oak Foundation

Nina George, Member

Programme Officer,
ssues Affecting Women Programme,
Oak Foundation

Lucia Quintero, Member

Programme Officer,
Prevent Child Sexual Abuse P
rogramme, Oak Foundation

Pauline Joiris, Member

Project Administrator,
Swiss Philanthropy Foundation


Advisors are recognised experts and/or professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the field of LGBTIQ youth in Switzerland. They are appointed by the Steering Committee. Advisors serve on an individual basis.

Advisors provide expertise and guidance on issues related to LGBTIQ youth in Switzerland. Advisors also participate in the Steering Committee meetings, advise on grant-making strategy, review grant recommendations.

Caroline Dayer, Muriel Waeger and Marc Inderbinen serve as advisors for the second year of the Fund.

Researcher, instructor and consultant, Caroline Dayer (PhD) brings her expertise in the prevention of and response to violence and discrimination, in particular issues of homophobia, transphobia, gender-based violence in educational and work contexts, and in the promotion of health, equality, diversity, and LGBTIQ rights.

Muriel Waeger brings her expertise in the promotion of LGBTIQ rights, advocacy and networking in the Swiss context. 

Psychologist, lecturer, and researcher Marc Inderbinen brings his expertise in the mental health of trans and non-binary populations, with a particular focus on the Swiss context.


The LGBTI Youth Fund strives to put LGBTIQ youth at the centre of its mission and strategy. To this end, the Fund is piloting a new participatory approach and setting up two LGBTIQ youth groups, one French-speaking and one German-speaking. Young LGBTIQ Italian-speakers can join the group they feel the most comfortable with, we will do our best to facilitate their participation. The two groups will decide on funding for the initiatives of their choice, and youth will have the opportunity to be involved at other levels of the Fund.   More information


Florence Jacot (she/her)


Florence Jacot has broad experience in child protection and philanthropy. She has worked for over 20 years as a programme officer for the Prevent Child Sexual Abuse programme at Oak Foundation. As part as her portfolio at Oak, she managed grants supporting LGBTIQ youth in Switzerland and led the development of the LGBTI Youth Fund.

Lisa SabotSchmid.png

Lisa Sabot-Schmid (she/her)

Programme Associate

Lisa Sabot-Schmid is a programme management, communication and networking specialist. She has worked in education and child protection in emergencies for almost 20 years, and more recently in philanthropy.   

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