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The LGBTI Youth Fund strives to put LGBTIQ youth at the centre of its mission and strategy. To this end, the Fund is piloting a new participatory approach and setting up two LGBTIQ youth groups, one French-speaking and one German-speaking. Young LGBTIQ Italian-speakers can join the group they feel the most comfortable with, we will do our best to facilitate their participation. The two groups will decide on funding for the initiatives of their choice, and youth will have the opportunity to be involved at other levels of the Fund.
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The Fund is looking for enthusiastic LGBTIQ youth who will get funds to allocate to projects of their choice benefiting LGBTIQ youth in Switzerland.

Apply here by Sunday 30 June 2024:


To live a collaborative and rewarding experience and learn new skills


To fund projects important to LGBTIQ youth

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To have a positive impact on LGBTIQ youth lives


You will be part of a group of  young LGBTIQ people who wish to bring positive change in Switzerland for LGBTIQ youth. You will:

  1. actively participate in the meetings;

  2. decide on topic(s) you wish to support as a group;

  3. define the selection criteria of projects;

  4. decide on projects to fund;

  5. discuss what you have learned as an individual and as a group and how to improve this experience.

Group coordination

Each group is supported by a queer coordinator who will facilitate work as a group.

Meeting dates

As a group, you will decide on the meeting dates, format (online or in person) and in a central location, accessible to all participants.


The Fund will provide training you may need to work as a group to review and select projects.


As the Fund values the time you will commit to this initiative and the lived experience you will bring to the group, the Fund will financially compensate for your contribution (CHF 25.-/hour) and reimburse your travel expenses to participate in meetings.


You can apply if you are:

  • a LGBTIQ person living in Switzerland

  • between 18 and 25 years old

  • fluent in French or German

  • interested in supporting projects for LGBTIQ youth

  • enthusiastic about working collectively within a small group of young LGBTIQ people

  • able to invest up to 5-8 hours/month and join every training sessions and meetings

  • ready to commit for at least one year

All criteria must be met.

The Fund especially encourages people of colour, trans feminine, intersex, people living with disabilities, migrants, LGBTIQ youth from rural areas and the Italian-speaking region to apply!

If you speak Italian, please apply to the group in the language you feel the most comfortable with. The Fund will do its best to facilitate your participation.

Do you still have questions?

Visit our Instagram page or contact our youth groups coordinators, Noam and Cris.


Noam (none/they)

German-speaking group

Cris 2-modified(1).png

Cris (she/they)

French-speaking group

The Fund does its best to include as many perspectives as possible and make everyone feel comfortable, safe and listened to. The coordinators - who you will work with closely - are both queer and have experience facilitating LGBTIQ youth groups.


This will be a two-round selection process:

  1. Online applications are open candidates meeting all the criteria above. Deadline for application is Sunday 30 June 2024.

  2. Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the second round: an interview with the coordinators.

Participants in the two youth groups will be selected in July 2024 and will officially start in late August-early September 2024.

These dates are tentatives and will depend on the volume of applications. We ask for your patience as we go through each and every application with great consideration.


Do you want to get involved? Take a chance and APPLY NOW!


It matters to us that you enjoy being part of the LGBTIQ youth groups. To make sure that you feel safe during this experience, the Fund has safeguarding measures in place.

To ensure that you have a positive experience, feel happy, listened to and free to share your ideas with your peers, each group will develop its own code of conduct and ways of working.

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