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The LGBTI Youth Fund partners with organisations that work to advance the Fund’s overall mission and align with its focus areas: promotion of healthy relationships, change of social norms, and empowerment of LGBTIQ youth.
We support:
  • LGBTIQ youth associations/movements, LGBTIQ students associations;
  • LGBTIQ associations with programmes focusing on youth;
  • Youth associations/groups with LGBTIQ-related programmes;
  • Organisations active in the health, education, social work sectors, research institutes, advocacy groups that support and/or work with LGBTIQ youth
    (15 - 25 years old) and LGBTIQ adolescents (12 - 15 years old), their relatives,
    and accompanying professionals.
We do not provide support for individuals, scholarships or tuition assistance, religious organisations for religious purpose, political parties, election campaigns.  

The LGBTI Youth Fund has an invitation-only process. After preliminary discussion with organisations, and assessment if there is alignment with its focus areas, the Fund invites organisations to submit a concept note and/or complete an application for funding in English. 

The LGBTI Youth Fund grant-making process typically follows the steps outlined below. Several factors affect the timeline, most notably the size of the grant request. To make the best possible recommendation for funding, we strive to gain the most comprehensive view of the organisation, its governance, strategy, the project and finances. Therefore, we have a rigorous due diligence and selection process which include discussion, financial review and site visits. 


The application development and review phases are highly interactive which make the timeline unpredictable. The Fund strives to take no more than five months, starting from the initial discussion, to decide on a grant. We will make sure to communicate with applicants throughout the process to keep them informed of the progression of their application review. 

The Fund considers applications on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year. 

An invitation to submit a concept note or a grant application does not guarantee that a grant will be awarded. It is important to note that, at any stage,
a grant application may be declined. If this happens, we will inform the applicant as soon as possible. 

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